Suggestions about matter bridge

suggestions about matter bridge. very strange policy on the hub matter. For me, nc panel is a useless and at the same time expensive device. Buying it just for the hub is stupid. ihost, I also don’t see any point in buying yet because for me this device is not yet functional enough. but despite all this, I want to manage devices that matter. I propose the following solution. I have extra hubs Sonoff zb bridge pro and zb bridge of the old version. why not create official firmware over the air to turn the zb bridge into a matter hub???

Because the old hardware resources are not enough to support it to achieve the function of the Matter bridge. At present, we implement the function of Matter bridge on ihost’s linux system;The implementation of the Matter hub is on NSpanel Pro for Android - utilizing the Matter SDK provided by Google.

Implementing this function on ZBBridge’s ESP chip is beyond our ability.

NSpanel Pro is not a useful thing for me and I don’t make sense to spend money on it. Ihost is not perfect yet. It is very important for me to manage devices remotely through the Internet, and this, as I understand, is not available yet. And another very big disadvantage of ihost is that it needs a LAN connection. If necessary, make it possible to use wifi. It would also be great if ewelink would present a map of future ihost improvements so that consumers can see what’s in store for them in the future. I was interested in one point in one of the reviews of ihost - support for Bluetooth speakers, but it is not active yet. What can be expected from him in the future? It would be very nice if ewelink developed the ability to voice control devices via ihost using connected bluetooth devices !!!