“Sorry no response” in app v5.3 when modifying TRVZB schedule

Is anyone else getting the message “Sorry, no response. Please try again. ” when trying to modify a schedule of a TRVZB from the Android App v5.3 (update installed yesterday)???

Internet connection is ok. Restarted app, shutdown app, reboot phone, cold boot phone, logged out and back in again… all same problem.

User cold and in despair!

Ps … I’ve told them how to manually override!

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Sounds like the Zigbee network isn’t strong enough where the TRVZB is. What are you controlling the TRVZB with? (Eg. A Zigbee Bridge Pro, iHost or NS panel Pro).

@eerke thanks for your input here but you are going in the wrong direction.

The TRVZB in question is about 2.5m from the Zigbee bridge (NS Panel Pro), they’re in the same room, and it can be controlled without any trouble, and, provides all its data.

This is about changing the schedule I.e. the target temperature at a specific time. If you have a TRVZB, you may wish to see if you experience the same problem.

It’s worth noting, that when logged in on an iPhone with the same account, the error message is the same so this may not be an Android-specific issue.

My TRVZB are connected to an iHost and so don’t use an android or iOS app but have not been seeing any errors. I would suggest if it happens again opening a ticket with their feedback in the hope the logs get sent to them and they answer the post. On the iHost you can download the logs and look yourself but I don’t know how to do this in android. Maybe if you look at the file system there will be a directory for logs.

UPDATE: The issue is partially resolved as the user was able to modify the schedule a few hours ago but after the third attempt for each TRV. This is somewhat strange behaviour and they were taking exactly the same steps today as yesterday in exactly the same place.