SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Ultra

hello, I’m new with zigbee. I would like to extend the coverage from our house to the garden and workshop. can I do that with the SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Ultra that will be connected by lan cable to the IHost? thank you.

Bridge Ultra is not a Zigbee router. If you connect it to your local network, it will - as the name suggests - be a bridge. It will create a separate Zigbee network. This way you will be able to cover another area with Zigbee, but it will not be an extension of your existing network. Besides, the ZBBridge Ultra would be a rather expensive router. Instead, use any device that is powered not by batteries. For example, a Zigbee light bulb.
This issue has been discussed many times on this forum. Use the Search function and check for answers/ideas.

ok thank you Jam3:-) I will make some researches.