ZB BridgeP working with ZB BridgeU

HI - i have an existing ZB BridgeP and am looking at purchasing the ZB BridgeU. Would i be able to extend the range of the ZB BridgeU by using the existing ZB BridgeP?? ie would the BridgeP act a bridge extender for the BridgeU?

If the BridgeP can act as an extender would the zigbee devices connected here show up in Apple Home?

If this doesnt work, would the solution be to buy 2 BridgeU?

You can use ZBMicro to extend your zigbee network.

Thanks - can anyone confirm with the equipment listed? ie. ZBpro and ZBUltra?

Use zigbee micro as a router. It is not worth buying zigbee bridge ultra. It’s not worth the money.

thanks for the advice! but I am looking for native matter/Apple Home support. Currently using homebrige.


Zigbee Bridge Ultra only works as a matter bridge but only for Zigbee devices added to each other.

great… thanks! so only sub devices added to the Ultra directly? i guess the ZBridge pro can’t act as repeater for the Ultra then…


What devices do you want to connect via matter bridge to homekit.:thinking:

What matter hub do you have in homekit?