Sonoff trvzb error?

Hello everyone,

I have issue with one of my sonoff trv’s. It is not responding and it is only displaying 2 things. First it lights up whole display and then it shows number 64. After that it goes dark for few second and it straits again.
I tried factory reset but it only start blinking FA for few seconds and then got back to same thing than before.
Did anyone encountered this issue before?

Thanks in advance

Replace the batteries with new ones.

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That helped! Thanks :pray: but why it is doing this instead of showing F4 error? Also I bought 4 of those heads and used them with brand new batteries. Should I expect the same behavior with other ones? Ewe link app showed me that battery are almost full in every one of the heads

This is another eWeLink mystery. Looks like a bug introduced with the latest firmware version.

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