SONOFF TH Elite - Series - ( TH && THR )

hello Sonoff lovers, I’m sure many people want Sonoff to develop even further, I want to give suggestions for the next product or new product from the THR series line for network connection using RJ45 (LAN) / WIFI AC OR WIFI 6

because I bought it and installed it in my warehouse, the signal is not stable for wifi, unless it is next to the access point.

are you sure your wifi is not the issue? I have one running my pool pump in the corner of the garden - and its been stable. its quite far from an access point…

I did find these specific devies are fussy about what wifi they join - I have mine (and most sonoff products) on a seperate SSID which is only 2.4ghz - that seemed to sort my unstable connection out. (I know its painful, and its strange - since when I ran tasmota I didnt have the issue, on their other hardware - but it seems to be a consistent issue with them)

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