SONOFF TH Elite: Constant Wifi Connection Issues (THR316D)

Model: THR316D
Device ID: 1001dbe7ca
Firmware: 1.1.0 (Latest)

This has been ongoing for weeks and i’ve spent several hundred dollars on extenders/repeaters to make sure the device got a stable wifi connection. It’s located right next to a repeater, 2 other smart devices are using the same connection over the same distance without any issues. But the TH Elite consistently experiences total connection drops in the eWeLink app, only re-adding the device every 48h seems to help, but it’s a major pain.

Found a related issue, but no solution: Sonoff temperature sensor disconnection issues

Please help

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Hi, I have the same issue with v 1.1 and now with v1.2 as well. And i did the same, bought repeater to make sure the signal is good enough. Any thoughts on how to soove it? Thanks, Jan


I’m having same issue.
Did you find any solution for this issue?

Thank you

Sounds like a potential noise interference issue. Is it near any devices that could interfere. Android phones and PCs can have wifi sniffing software installed and it is built in on on Mac laptops: I would take something portable to where the device is and hope to catch a drop.
Incidentally I have loads of the older ESP8266 devices and the newer ESP 32 devices have noticeably better wifi connections. Maybe you have a faulty one? At the very least taking a phone or laptop to where it is will allow you to prove the connection is strong and there’s no excuse for it dropping connections.