Sonoff temperature sensor disconnection issues

I’m glad to hear the eWeLink app is now working properly for you. Sorry to hear you’re running into trouble getting your devices re-linked with Google Home though.

A good first step would be to check if you have LAN Mode enabled for those devices, and if so, try turning LAN Mode off. Then attempt linking to Google Home again. Toggling LAN Mode off can help rule out any connectivity issues between the device, app, and Google.

If turning LAN Mode off doesn’t resolve the problem, let me know. We can then look into other potential causes.

Hi Stephen,

Just to clarify the devices do show in google home but they are reported offline, as if they were not powered. As I said, Ewelink works fine. The LAN control was on for both the TH16’s , I’ve toggled it off but the issue is still there.

Hi Roy, please check the DM

Device ID is 1001da1953
Router is a linksys WRT1900AC
and I’m not using a Mesh network, but I do have my AT&T modem that is used to connect to the internet and then the Linksys WRT1900AC is used to connect all my systems together.

Similar issue, pls help: SONOFF TH Elite: Constant Wifi Connection Issues (THR316D)