All my smart sockets went offline

Hi there,

I have around 10 eWeLink smart sockets, 1 temperature sensor and Sonoff and another 4 relay boards all working through the eWeLink app.

Around 2 months ago the smart sockets started dropping offline one by one. Now all 10 are offline but my relay boards and the Sonoff temp sensors are all still online and Working. I tried powering off, unplugging, re-pairing but they only come online for a few hours again until going off line again.

A friend also has one of the same smart sockets that he purchased recently and his is also offline in his app and his account. So this is not home or connection related.

I have other smart home devices all online and working ok. No network issues as home and the router has been restated to try to fix the issues.

Unfortunately eWeLink / Coolkit are not responding to my many emails sent on this issue over the past 8 weeks.

Does anyone know about this issue or has any advice?

Thanx for any assistance.

Anyone got any ideas?

Hi Christopher - did you ever solve this?

This has just (well last week) happened to all of my Smart Plugs as well. Nothing I do seems to work in re-enabling them.