Sonoff slim cam

hi, i got a sonoff cam slim. Unfortunately, the motion sensor, even if set to low sensitivity, is sensitive to turning on the light. Can you give me some advice to solve? thanks bye !

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Hi there, according to the detection algorithm, when the camera detects there are changes between two video frames, you will get notified. When the changes of light on and off are captured by the camera, it will notify you and start recording. So, honestly, sometimes the detection is not 100% accurate. We brought it to Sonoff team’s attention and they will discuss how to improve the detection accuracy.
By the way, try to adjust the monitoring angle. Hope it helps:)

when do you think you will resolve the problem ?

Frankly speaking, it’s difficult for us to optimize the standard algorithm build-in the chip, maybe we can talk to the chip or algorithm vendor to dig deep, but I don’t think there will be a solid plan for this.

This sensitivity of the standard algorithm suffering us too, that’s why we create a feature named ‘device event’ which taking advantage of the sensors and the capability of the camera, allows the camera to get the clip when there is a status change of the sensor and send you a push notification accurately and timely, without Mis-monitored, and we want everyone could benefit from this, so it’s free.

And more, we are working with an open AI partner on developing customizable algorithm, so much work of evaluate and verification need to do, we hope can make this happen by the middle of 2023.