Sonoff S26


I have 3 devices S26, and from sunday (16. jun 2024) at 21.05 are unavailable. These devices are 900 km away from me. Any idea?

I don’t think so. My S26R2 works. Maybe there is no power or internet in the location?
You probably won’t come up with anything here… if they don’t connect to the server, they don’t connect and for an ordinary user there is probably no option here.

Other devices (Basic2) on same network working. Only this 3 devices at same time stop.

Create a support ticket and describe the situation to them in detail. If you have it, please provide the device ID. Maybe they will reset something if the devices actually try to connect to the cloud, but it could also be something local.

It seems that the problem is in the devices. They do not have an IP address assigned to them in the network.
I tried restart wifi, other devices (6x BASICR2) have an assigned address. These devices dont registered in network. I checked my network monitoring, and last ping from device are same time (in monitoring I have only 2 devices).
I’m “happy” because the outside lights are on.
Someone will probably have to look at the devices, and look at colours of LED.

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