Sonoff R2 Mini Reject IP in DHCP reserved address

Hello guys… I have arround 30 R2 Mini in my environment.

I’ve installed them with DCHP reserved in my DCHP server.

The Sonoff connects at my wireless, but when a disconnection occurs for any reasons, they starts to connect to my infrastructure, but trobleshooting my wirelless controller I find that Sonoff rejects IP received. As consequence, they do not enter at wifi.

I am using em DYM mode to access via API REST.

Any reason to this behavior? How can I fix it?

Tks in avance!!

Could it be you reached the max client limit of your WiFi network?

Maybe some double IP address in the network? Or like what @mario.bianchi says: router can’t handle enough devices?

It is not the case. I have around 30 devices connected and my network is a /24. I am using an enterprise environment with Cisco controller with 10 APs. The number of devices connected per AP is supported by infrastructure.
In my trobleshooting the process of Sonnoff enter at the infrastructure is Ok. The AP recognizes and deal correctly the probe requests. When DHCP sends IP address, the Sonoff reject the IP sended. If I take off the DHCP reservation, the sonoff immediately accepts new IP address and connects.

It is like the sonoffs rejects the old IP and require only a new IP to connect.

I have checked and I have not doble IPs. But is possible, for any reason sonoff checking and seeing this own IP address and interpreting as doble IP? What do you think about?

It is strange. I suggest you to share your findings to Sonoff and eWeLink support directly.

Yes, I did it. I am waiting a response. What I did was remove DHCP reserve. The Sonoff in a random time get new IP and still working. But with reserved DHCP, it refuses the same IP address and not works.

Maybe your infrastructure is sending a DHCP options field that the Sonoff cant just manage. Or set sppart those IP out of the DHCP pool?