Hi, i currently have one of these connected to a three way kitchen switch arrangement via S1 & S2. The device works fine from the app and the NS Panel i use to control all the lights in the kitchen.

The issue is when i use the switches to turn it on sometimes it is ok, other times it starts to flash, if i switch one of the switches back off then the light turns off OK.

If I turn it on from the NS or App it comes on and stays on fine.

It points to it being an issue with the length of cable connected around the kitchen between the three changeover switches.

Is there a filter or snubber network i can fit across the S1 & S2 to stop it doing this ?

How are switches connected? There should be no such interference, it works with L and N

The existing wiring when it was just a lamp

Three way switches

Then the wiring that i connected to the MINI

Three way switches SONOFF


In that case, I’m starting to think you might have a faulty switch. Check all three switches if you need to remove the MINI device and check if it works normally without it. Simulate the device with only one switch. A filter is used in some devices that do not have a neutral wire, so your problem is either in the switch or in the cables or in the device itself!