Sonoff Mini R2 - Switch port connected to mains or neutral


I’m trying to run a 3-way circuit with a Mini R2.
In order to do this, I’m required to run an extra wire from existing installation, as the far side switch middle port connects shared mains, and so I need a new wire there to connect it instead with S2.

I saw that there are some other models as well as clones that allow the switch port to receive either mains or neutral and I’m wondering if anyone has ever tried such. Specially if S1 or S2 (which is the sensing one?) are GND it may work with neutral? But not sure, and I don’t want to fry mine trying :smiley: .

Thank you

This shows that you should not mix the network to S1 and S2 Even the neutral wire. If you want to do something similar you should follow these instructions with limiting diodes
But in my opinion, buy the MINIR4

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According to this Sonoff Mini - Tasmota S2 is the sensing one, and it is being feed GND from S1. So now I’m investigating if you can electrically feed neutral as replacement of GND without blowing up the thing.