SONOFF IHost ""ihost is resetting, please wait"

Hello to everybody,

I have a problem after restarting my Sonoff IHost:

It is reachable under its ip adress, but when I connect it to my browser it answers “ihost is resetting, please wait” and of course I can wait until end of (my) life.

I tried:

  • to do a factory reset (>10 sec reset buttom)
  • to remove the sd card and do an factory reset

but nothing changes. It is reachable by an “ping”. Display leds are blue as usual.

Do you know where I can get help???

H E L P … :slight_smile:

Restart the browser on your computer.

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You are my hero - problem solved!

But it is funny: I restarted my computer earlier - no sucess.
BUT, as I read your answer I tried it with a different computer and now it works.

Thanks a lot!

This is a common problem. Especially after ihost update it occurs.
This is very annoying.:frowning:

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Yes, indeed this happend after an update.

One thing is also strange: Now, when it runs (and I made an factory reset before) it runs “smoother”, by the way before it declined making updates to docker apps, now this is no problem.

Best regards from Germany!

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