Sonoff GK-200 Local Recordings Download


Is there a way to get the recordings from the GK-200 downloaded to my device without removing the SD card from the camera?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi there, we’re still looking for a way to do that. We’ll let you know if there is any news.

It would be nice to have hotspots in the video for when motion is detected for easier navigation

@brunoneves1997 Get, it’s quite inconvenience to draw out the TF card especially the camera was mounted on the spot that can be reached easy, and review the video frame by frame is so time-killing.

@Daniel_Zhan I thinks these are two great features that @brunoneves1997 raised to us, we should dig deeper with our tech team to see if it’s possible, put them on the next generation camera’s to-do list at least.

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Thanks for your advice, we will evaluate your requests.

Hi ! Is there any news about it? I also noticed that you can only take screenshots! But no possibility to download the desired video. I await reply.

Hi there, the ability to download local recordings via the App will be available to the new Sonoff camera. Yet this camera hasn’t rolled out.