Camera Sonoff GK-200MP2-B records only last 24h

I have the following problem. I have install an 64gb micro sd card to my cam but only records last 24h.
I have enable motion detection at low sensitivity.
Cam always have more than 40gb free space

Thank u in advance

Hi there, does your SD card store any other files? And could you let us know the brand name of your SD card?
Generally speaking, if your SD card has less than 2GB of space, then the earliest recorded videos will be deleted.

Thank u for the fast reply
I have installed 64gb kingston microSd
Card doesn’t have anything stored ist empty and i have formated several times.
And says more than 55gb free space
The problem is that records only last 24h

Hey there, we haven’t duplicated the issue. Could you record a video that might help us locate the issue?
Please record the following steps:
Open the eWeLink App, and enter the camera’s Device Setting page;
Tab “Local Recording > View Local Videos”;
Scroll down to show us the date of the local videos.

Appreciate your patience:)

thank u for your reply
im uploading 3 pic the first 2 are the the first and last recording the 3rd pic is showing the status of my card

best regards

Hey there, thanks for the screenshots. We involved Sonoff team to locate this issue. We’ll get back to you later. Thanks for your patience.

I have re register camera with ewelink app and i change microsd card with newer and faster but the problem still persists

Hello there, Sonoff support team will contact you today. Please check their message later.