The Micro SD Card is not inserted into the camera

I have GK-200MP2-B camera and I have inserted a 512GB SD Card into the camera.

However when going to Local Recording it keeps saying ‘The Micro SD Card is not inserted into the camera’.

Why does the camera not recognise the SD Card?
The SD card is already formatted and empty.

Please advise what file system the SD card needs to be formatted as. Is Fat32 okay? And why does the camera not recognise it?
I can’t click Local Recording > Format Micro SD Card either - because it thinks no card is inserted. But it is inserted.

Also today I had a break in an I need to access Local Recordings and the camera did not record anything, so I am very sad. The SD card has been in the camera for a month already and restart many times.

According to the website the largest card supported is 128 gb. It probably doesn’t know how to handle that large a card.

Hi there, the SD card works as long as it’s larger than 2GB. Actually, there is an issue in SD card recognition. Sonoff team is working on a new firmware to tackle it. Before its release, we will suggest you try another SD card.

As for the recordings not saved in the SD card, please disable Local Recording, and then enable it again.


I inserted a 128, speed 10 and fat 32. It recognized it once and recorded, the next day it doesn’t record, it can’t be formatted, and it doesn’t recognize it. In addition, the card gets very hot.
I tried with another 32 and the same thing happened. It detects movement, because it sends a message, but it doesn’t record. It’s a firmware problem.

Indeed, it’s a firmware issue. Sonoff team is already aware of this issue. They’re working on solutions and will release new firmware to tackle this issue as soon as possible. We will keep you guys updated. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

I had to take the new card out of the camera, because the previous card became unusable due to overheating. Thanks.

Same here, my new 512GB SD card was totally destroyed and now is completely unusable after leaving the new card in the camera for 2 weeks.

However I did manage to get a 16GB card to work but ONLY if I first formatted the disk using FAT32 using DISKPART in Windows. I couldn’t find anything in the camera manual as to which file system the SD card needed to be formatted as, so I had to guess. Formatting the SD card by the camera didn’t work as it couldn’t recognise a SD card was inserted. I also find it strange that the Sonoff manual keeps talking about a TF card instead of an SD card as it is more commonly known.

I’m looking forward to the Sonoff firmware update!

Hi there, when the new firmware is available, we surely will let you guys know. Thanks for your patience.

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@dirkroel @jrramalopez Hey guys, the latest firmware has been released! Version number: 50420230103. Check it out in eWeLink App.

Thank you. I have updated it and will be testing it.

I was having the same problem of not seeing my 128 G card. I have now updated and all is working well.
Well done Team.

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Glad to know! Thanks for the feedback:)

I also just changed my card as it was hot as well as not working.

The camera is warm, and the base is also warm.

I will try a new card.

Hi there, feel free to keep us updated. Thank you

So far so good, The back of the base where the card is inserted is warm to touch but so far the card seems to be working ok.

Good to know!

Hi Peter, the latest version from my cam is 41220220712, where to get the latest version?

Hi there, may I know your camera model? Could you send me the device ID?
Actually, the new firmware is not available to all cameras, so let me confirm if your camera model can upgrade the firmware. Thank you

Hi. I have the same problem. The camera says firmware is up to date. 41220220712. Model GK-200MP2B.
Mine stops recording after about 2 days. Will the update be available in South Africa as well?

Hi there, the new firmware is not available to your model so far. At this point, we haven’t heard any plan from Sonoff to release new firmware for your camera models. If there will be, we’ll let you know.
When you meet any issues about recording, please submit a support ticket. Thank you