Sonof ns panel pro external wall mount

I want to mount the ns panel pro external on the wall, I don’t have any internal box.
Is there any wall plat for mounting it?

Interesting question. Unfortunately, there are no ready-made solutions for this. You might consider using an enclosure stand from Sonoff. It is designed to be placed on a desk, but it is certainly possible to mount on a wall. Or use a surface-mount box of appropriate dimensions.


Some are quite aesthetically pleasing. It will not be an elegant solution, as there will be a bump on the wall. A separate issue is the exposure of such a stick-out panel to accidental strokes. Buy a box and settle it in the wall. If it is made of drywall, the task is trivial.
By the way, I was wondering why the heck NSPanel Pro was designed in the form of a switch when there is no way to control the circuits anyway (no relays). And why wasn’t a tablet version developed to be placed on the wall and without a box.