Always On Display on NSPanel Pro

Dear Support,

I really like to use the standard NSPanel on the wall with the “Always On Display” feature… I bought a NSPanel Pro but this feature is not available on the NSPanel Pro… Please develop it like the standard NSPanel.

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For a second I thought I did something wrong on the app the thermostat just disappeared

Hi, is this option not available?
Please leave the energy saving to me!

On firmware 1.7.0 the NSPanel Pro has the option to leave the screen on: Settings > Display > Auto-Lock > Never.

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Wow, thank you!
I searched the release notes when the v1.7.0 is came, but not find… I looking and found now here: SONOFF NSPanel Pro Version Update Information and FAQ - SONOFF Official
if possible, please release the release notes earlyer, before release the version! thx

I guess you need to look better:

Sorry. I did read your message incorrectly.
As far as I remember they were quite on time with the releasenotes. At least on their Facebook page which existed back then.

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Now I got the, V1.8.0, but nothing news in release notes site… the latest is v1.7.0 !|230x500

I just got offered the 1.8.0 version too and it just displays the changelog right beforing updating. Almost impossible to miss that as you need to press the Confirm button below it to proceed with the upgrade…


Thanks @ociepa.ekotox. The page at now got updated @matraiimi. I just received the changelog from Sonoff to post on the eWeLink & Sonoff User Group at Facebook as Sonoff currently doesn’t have a Facebook page.