NSPanel Pro wiring


I am in the US and just bought the nspanel pro and stand. I probably didn’t do enough homework in advance but I was surprised when it arrived without a power cord.

So…in simple terms, is there anything I must look for when securing a power cord for use with this device? What have other people used? I’m not great when it comes to figuring out amps and everything and I just don’t want to fry the thing.


Here’s an official guide from SONOFF:

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You can use any cable that has two wires and is double insulated. For example, the kind used for a standing lamp or for electronic devices (TV, radio, etc.). Amps are not important as the NSPanel Pro draws very little current. It has no relays. What you see in the instructional video is not compliant with European regulations. I suspect an American electrician would also be sceptical about the safety of the wiring shown. Make sure the cable is secured to prevent accidental pulling out of the housing, because that’s a safety feature that the Chinese designers don’t seem to have thought of.
The Chinese designers have also not fully thought through the concept of the NSPanel Pro, as it is not clear for what purpose it is intended to be mounted in an installation box.