NSPanelPro screen rotation

Does anyone know how to rotate the screen of NSPanelPro?

Hello, it seems that rotating the screen of NSPanelPro is not possible. May I ask why you want to rotate the screen?

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I assembled the NSPanelPro on this stand.

But it seems to be upside down. The wires are connected to the top of the NSPanelPro, but the wire output of the stand is at the bottom. Please take a look at the images. It’s possible that I am assembling it incorrectly.

The wiring is correct, and the device’s wires should be connected to the top as per the standard product design. As for the stand’s wire output being at the bottom, it might be to prevent exposed wires from being in the air. For specific design reasons, you may want to inquire with the manufacturer of the stand.

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I thought the manufacturer of NSPanelPro and support was the same.