NsPanel US 1.4.0 cannot change orientation

I have a NSPanel US white model , upgraded to firmware 1.4.0, and i cannot change orientation to portrait, the option is not available when i swipe down…
is there a way to fix this or downgrade the firmware?

You can check the Settings in the eWeLink APP, is there a screen rotation option?

no option in the app either

On the screen you took a photo of it scroll the page a bit to the bottom (or actually more from left to right in this orientation). The option is just out of view.

i tried that, any kind of movement to scroll the page dismisses the settings

I talked with ewelink support and sonoff support they fixed the problem with a firmware update.
it is working fine now :grin::+1:

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My panel seems to be doing the exact same thing. I’m unable to scroll the menu pictured above, what was the resolution?
The panel is on 1.4.0 and I’m completely lost on what to do. Thanks for any help

The solution was a firmware update, I opened a feedback on the EWeLink app and they put me in contact with sonoff support. With a firmware update to my device it was resolved… (update 1.4.1), but I don’t know how long it will take to be available to everyone, If you need this resolved quickly you may have to do the same…

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Is there a location where it can be downloaded from? I can’t use the panel. I feel it is false advertising if they advertise it in portrait mode when the product doesn’t support it.

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I don’t know if there is a link… the update was made available to my device after I provided the device ID to the support team… the device works both in landscape and portrait, and I have other NSPanels with the 1.4.0 that work fine… it is really weird this bug… appears to affect only certain models

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contact support with a ticket and ask them to fix it. they will make available firmware v1.4.1 for you until you have upgraded it, let them know, and they will turn off the upgrade again strangely. i had to do this with 2 ns panels now, the US version i think, to get them into portrait mode.

same, i had one new NSpanel worked fine on v1.4.0, but 2 NSpanels needed firmware v.1.4.1 via support tickets

I have the same issue

I just upgraded NSPanel to 1.4.0 and the problem is still there.
I just upgraded NSPanel to 1.4.1 and followed SonOff instructions:

  1. Pull down the main screen
  2. Select “General”
  3. Select the “Portrait” option
    IT’S NOW OK. :slight_smile:

Thank’s to SonOff support

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