NSPanel Pro and Home Assistant

One of the reasons I bought NSPanel Pro was the announced Home Assistant support. It has been a year and the extension is dead (GitHub - CoolKit-Technologies/ha-addon), it supports only lights and switches and is buggy as hell (disconnects all the time). This is really dissapointing, because I would love to expose my thermostats, alarm and other devices to NSPanel Pro. I know that I can use webpage to open HA Dashboard, but it’s not as convinient and responsive as native UI. So for now this is a useless device for me with high potential to be awesome, if only someone would like to take care of the HA support.
Are there any plans to maintan that extension or add any other HA integration?

Are you sure you read the description of NSPanel Pro correctly and with understanding? It seems that you were expecting features that nobody promised.

I’m pretty sure what I have read by the time I was pre-ordering. Here you can see official presentation of that feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lEAB_ppY5M
But that’s not the point. The fact is that there is a base extension and has been abandoned and I’m asking if there are any plans to do something with it.

It looks like the guys at Sonoff got carried away with enthusiasm and fantasy in this presentation. At the moment, something like this is not even possible within the eWeLink cloud with Zigbee bulbs from Ikea :grin: