Cannot add Home Assistant devices to NSPanel widget

Hey guys

I have successfully synced my Ikea light bulb to NSPanel via Home assistant. I can see the device in the APP’s main page and control the light there. However when I tried go into NSPanel settings and add a widget, the device is not in the selection list. I tried to create a Scene with the light device but I couldn’t do toggle this way, it’s either on or off. I would like to have my light controlled via NSPanel. Please help.


Hi there, could you please send your eWeLink account through a private message? With the eWeLink account, I can help to check if the bulb is supported to be added to the NSPanel widget.

Hey Stephen

This is a testing account anyways. I can just send it to you here.


btw the light bulb I was trying to connect is an Ikea TRÅDFRI LED bulb