Device offline but not quite with NSP Pro

The IKEA Tradfri light bulb connected to NSPanel Pro is listed as offline. It is not possible to control it. However, the same bulb is fully accessible in Home Assistant via the Sonoff LAN integration. So NSPanel Pro has a problem for some reason. The situation repeats itself from time to time and requires NSPanel Pro to be restarted to restore operability.
Take a look at this, please. I have uploaded a report from NSPanel Pro [1001ea2549].

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Feels like a UI issue. Let me talk to our product team


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Sorry for the late reply. The log you sent earlier didn’t have useful information.

Can you re-pair the light and control it while it’s working, then send a new log?

By the way, is that a new energy-efficient Tradfri? (They look the same except for the energy ratings.)

Thanks a lot!

The log is sent again.

I don’t think so. It’s more than a year old. Excluding the time since the last NSPanel Pro update, there has not been a single similar incident. There has not been an incident of this bulb being reported as offline and yet being normally accessible via ZHA.