Some function on app are missing in eWelink web

It need to had all same function on app as same as web.
Reorder group
Change Icon picture


Thx for the feedback,

We’re continuously working on aligning WEB’s capabilities to match those of our App, and we’re also adding more advanced features for our power users.

Those updates have a regular schedule, and we will consider prioritizing your request.

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Could you please add custom upload picture type of device ? or add more on it ?

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We can make a evaluation about add more types, what kind of device that you request?

No plans for custom icon, it will lead to a sync problem on every portal.

Bug trap

There are lots of types of sensor, which do you mean exactly?

Almost sensor are connected via sonoff mini
Magnetic or reed sensor @ gate
Float sensor for submersed pump
Float sensor for tank dry and full
Rain sensor or wet sensor
It would be good to select any Icon and Custom name or any preset that good.