App device icon explanation

Hi, i would want to ask about features of ewelink app.

I have read the manial of my relay , sonoff mini, and dont find it.

For example, inching, what it is for, examples of use. And so on with other features, lan control, groups, subdevice, etc, that for newcomers are criptic.

Same for icons, by the way look at mine, I have two minir4 by sonoff, look at the icons.

What do the icons mean?, why are they different?

Hello, a right icon means you are on an internal network and the left one means the device is on an external network. If you switch to mobile internet only then the right will become like the left.


Hi, thank you for your answer.

I am not english fluent, coukd you pkease explain a bit deeper?

Let me say both devices are at home and paired under the same SSID wifi network

Hey there,

The icon on the left indicates that control is done through the eWeLink Cloud, while the right icon shows that local control within your home network is applied. There’s an option on the device detail page.

Try turning off your phone’s WiFi. Doing this changes the local icon to the cloud one because now you’re accessing, and controlling from an external network instead. Hope this will help you better understand the difference.

@euv thx for the explanation.

Could It be i have this devices asociated with Google home and sometimes with home assistant?

By the way, why IS that this devices go offline ramdomly and go online bi theirself time after? It is very annoying and It makes me to not trust at all in the system

Google will require network connections; and the connection between eWeLink and Google is from the cloud side (except for Matter which is a local protocol)

And the offline issue seem to be network issues; plz contact our support when help is needed.

Here’s a doc explaining more about these icons:

Woulf you please link me to entire document?

The doc is right in that link, is there anything else you need from us?