SNZB-01 Latency Issue

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can assist me with an issue I’m facing while using the SNZB-01 button in conjunction with the ZBBridge Pro gateway and the Ewelink app.

I’ve set up a scene where I want the button, with a single click, to turn a light on or off. However, I’ve noticed that the scene execution time is longer for a single click compared to a double click. It seems like the button needs a certain period to differentiate between a single or double click.

The main issue here is that the time it takes for the light to turn on after a single click is rather high, and I find this delay unacceptable. The scene is already marked as “LAN,” so I don’t believe the delay is due to the internet connection.

I was wondering if anyone has encountered a similar situation or has any solutions to improve this latency. I would be grateful for any advice or suggestions you could offer.

I speculate that the delay may be due to the device waking up, but if it always happens even immediately after double-clicking, then hmm…

Delay after single click: approximately 1.4 seconds
Delay after double click: less than half of single click

Make a double click and then quickly one click. Is the delay for a single click still long?

NS Panel Pro I believe can do node Red. If you stick a debug node after the button event node do you see the same difference in display?
On the iHost there is a generic Button activity and to seperate single clicks from double clicks and long clicks you need to put in a switch node. I have not noticed any delay or difference between single and double clicks.