R5 paired to Mini R4 delay

I experience a long delay (1/2 seconds) between pressing a button on the R5 and the command execution.
Anyone else experiencing this?
Any workaround?
tha R5 is paired to Mini R4 extreme because it was impossible to pair it with a Dual R3

I‘d like to cue @Daniel_Zhan from SONOFF in this topic.

Hey Daniel, have you try the procedure that enrico posted?

To enhance the reliability of command execution for the relay in MINIR4, a millisecond-level delay has been intentionally incorporated into the software design.

Hi Daniel,
I’m experiencing a 1 second delay, not 1 millisecond.
You can feel a huge difference when actuating though the R5 (slow reaction) or anything else (physical buttons, ewelink app).
And just to be clear the delay happens when turning on/off any device: mini r4, dual r3, mini r2

The DUALR3 and MINIR2 also have a delay on your side? if you experienced the delay when you use the eWeLink APP, then it is probably a network issue.

I suggest submitting a ticket to our support system to further discuss your cases. I don’t think the delay you have mentioned is caused by the same root causes.

No, the issue is only with the R5 commanding other devices.
When I use the devices through the app or the physical buttons all is fine.

I have tested on my side, the delay is not that long.
Would you please try to change the battery of R5, probably the battery level is out.

The battery is new.

Anyway lately the lag has reduced to “only” one second (with no changes from my side) so something happened on ewelink side.
Maybe you optimized the code or the server responsivness?