Sonoff Mini R4 firmware 1.0.1 vs 1.1.0

Yesterday only one of my several R4 showed an upgrade for the firmware from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0. I don’t know what were the changes but for sure it reduced a lot the latency time to turn on the light when a button is pushed. Can someone tell me what are the other main changes? How can I upgrade also the other R4s since this new firmware is not shown?

I have three MINIR4 devices. Two of them have shown a software update.

Tonight I was able to update everything to 1.1.0

How did you manage to upgrade the Sonoff Mini R4 firmware to 1.1.0, it didn’t work for me

Through the android app. Switch on Is much faster then before

A couple of weeks ago I updated to version 1.1.0 and the delay has been greatly reduced but for a few days now, I have had the delay problem with the Ewelink app, in fact I have about 30 seconds of delay before the lamp turns on turn on or off.
Has anyone encountered this huge delay?

For me, the eWeLink application works without delays. Sometimes controlling via ihost.local or ihost.local/cast there is a delay of 2-3 seconds