Why Sonoff Mini R4 w/ Matter and Switch M5 w/ Matter are so SLOW!

I always loved eWeLink products, but I’m super disappointed with perfomance from Sonoff Mini R4 Matter and I discovered recently Switch M5 has same problem.

The delay between the command and the response is big enough, especially when used with automation via movement and, mainly, with virtual parallels.

Sonoff Mini has an ESP32. It’s enough to have a good experience, so I think this is happening due to poor software implementation, which Sonoff MUST fix via software update, but we know they won’t care about it.

I bought Matter because it should work locally, without no delay on cloud. It makes no sense use Matter with delay.

In this momento, I just brought five Sonoff M5, but I’ll return it as soon as possible.

to which Hub Matter did you add MINIR4M? I have added to SmartThing station. generally they work well but all MiniR4 and MINIR4M have problems with WiFi range. generally Matter devices from sonoff are still very unfinished.

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I use HomeKit, but I notice this problem with Home Assistant and more.

This is a complain from users, such: x.com

The bigger problem is when you use automations and parallels

I did the test as in the diagram. the delay for MINIR4M is about 1 second.

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500-1000ms locally, what great times… :slight_smile: You can ping from Europe to Japan, it will be less ms :slight_smile:

And in the first example if the sensor is paired to the ST Station?

I was also thinking about this test, but I don’t have time now.

My comment is because I don’t use the Zigbee radio in iHost, having spent quite some time getting the ST (V3) Zigbee running efficiently. Already have a Hue hub on a the furthest channel away that I can, and with not being able to control the Zigbee channel in iHost I didn’t want more ‘competition’ between hubs. Matter over Wifi another subject…

I turned off ihost. I added a snzb-03 sensor to ST STATION.
The response time is about 0.5 seconds.
Without logs it’s hard to tell what causes more delay.


And now an interesting fact. :thinking:
Pressing the switch directly on the MINIR4M, the delay is also about 0.5 seconds.
It seems that this is a limitation resulting from the quality of the equipment.

SONOFF BASICR4 It also has the same delay. All new sonoff devices work like this.
I checked the old MINIR2. The reaction to the switch is immediate


This is really disgusting. I hope eWeLink fix it.

I don’t know if it’s a software issue. It seems more like poor quality components. The pulse can’t be set below 0.5 seconds either.

The snzb-06P presence sensor also has weak components. They installed a light sensor that cannot measure light intensity. It only reports light or dark.

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