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Hey everyone,

We have posted a detailed update log on eWeLink CUBE 2.0, including all the backend changes and how they impact your experience.

Check it out here: eWeLink CUBE 2.0 Update - More Changes Under the Hood - #2


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It good be very useful to have a nodered node to obtain device status. For example you can not get the L2 MODE or different setting today or you not have a connection event getting the initial status of the devices. That limits too much what you can do today programatically.

Hey, the CUBE team is working to bring more power to Node-Red also HomeBrige. They will first align them with recent changes in CUBE 2.0.

@jiayu.gou any plan for this extensive feature?

Forgive me if this has already been commented but I haven’t found the answer. Simply, if in eWelink, Philips Hue bulbs can be brought in by LAN (because it’s like that isn’t it, not cloud?) why can’t these devices be then pulled into iHost by Cube, as are all other LAN devices?

They talk in different languages, Sonoff talks eWeLink while Philips Hue talks Matter (if you use account link for Hue integration, that would be cloud-based)

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Don’t want to hijack your thread with my question, so branch it off to another topic if you want.
I should rephrase my question.
I have for some time now (before Matter I think) had my Hue account linked to the eWelink app (through the Hue hub, as you have to press the central button to finish linking).

Here there are 1 IKEA E14 bulb, 3 Hue bulbs, while what you see below are actually 2 Sonoff Basic switches.
As you can see they all show LAN, and continue to be controllable even if I disconnect my Internet modem. So they are linked locally, not through the cloud?
Which is why I asked why these Hue bulbs could not be pulled in by Cube in iHost, as it does with these Basic switches.

Let me check this with our team during working time and get you some answers.

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Hue Bridge is connected locally. But still, they use different protocols/APIs. CUBE needs extra work to develop an integration for it, and there’s no such plan yet. Yeelight integration is a good example for this.

As Hue has open API, I wonder if Node-Red can bring it into CUBE.

Alternatively, our next step is to optimize for some key brands, including Hue and IKEA, for buttons/lights in Zigbee2CUBE.

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This is a follow up from my post on 21st June.

I have read some of the posts from the Dev team highlighting more ‘under the hood’ changes for 2.0 – thanks for the info.

The majority of irritants remain, but I have more on a couple of things I mentioned.

The issue with file browser and node red – what was happening (that I did not notice) was that when I clicked on the docker for file browser it was opening on the “info” page and I was clicking out via the new page button (next to the port number). Starting node red from docker went straight to the “web ui”.
With the latest version, selecting either from docker starts it in ‘web ui’ mode – hence the tab titles are the same. What I now do is start them, go to ‘info’ and force a new tab. The tab titles now reflect the app running.

The other thing is to do with custom icons. I had a play with this and to my surprise found it really useful – I did not expect that. But (there is always a but), the icon selection presents the icons in the order that they were added – this makes selecting an icon far more difficult than it should be.
Can we get the icons listed in some form of useable order?

Talking of ‘usable order’, would it be possible to order the devices lists? This is another list that is in ‘added order’ which makes finding the device you are interested in very difficult.

It is slightly better in scenes as the devices are in location order, but the issue here is that the list width is tiny – just usable on a big screen, but almost impossible on an ipad (that’s for another day)!

Thx for the input! Looping the CUBE team @SuiKa @jiayu.gou on your suggestion and issues countered in 2.0

We did added the support of web ui for filebrowser.
Did you find it diffcult to use?

What kind of condition would you like to sort your icon?

Device on dashboard is capable of custom order.
Just drag them with your mouse then you can take it anywhere you want in the list.

Not difficult once you realise what the option gives you – I prefer the ‘info’ route as it gives me more useable screen.

For the custom icons - a sort on device type or icon name (given by the user) would be good enough for me.

Ordering capabilities on the dashboard is fine.
I have just realised that the one that is a problem, for me, is the device list in Node Red. It seems to be just a list of devices as they were added to ihost (latest at the bottom). It just makes life difficult having to scan up/down for a device.
I presume this list is passed from ihost to NR? So if you could order on device name, that would work for me!

msg : Object
payload: object
error: 110006
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message: "check control permission fail!"
_msgid: "28e27bbc91cf819d"

Well, I don’t know how to download the node-red log, it is installed on a separate server!

the homebridge log is attached

homebridge.log.txt (455.0 KB)

If you need anything else, I’ll be happy to help! This problem only happens in version 2.0.
On the other iHost that I have, everything works normally. It is in the old version.

Sorry for the delay in responding, I was busy these days and didn’t notice you had asked!

I took advantage and opened a ticket with the homebridge and ihost logs
ticket 212230