Homebridge on raspberry pi after Cube release

I’ve been using Homebridge for an year and a half to export all my Sonoff devices to HK with the plugin that was available at that time.
I also like to use the Ewelink app, so I have to use my main login in the plugin, and create a “read only” account to share de devices to, and this is not an ideal solution.
So, should I switch to Cube in my raspberry pi, or the cube plugin is meant to be used only on iHost?

Stay with the pi. Ihost is a very limited device atm

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Far as I know, the eWeLink CUBE is available on iHost for now, the team have not find some time to adopt it to any other Linux single board computers yet, hope they have this plan.

For me, iHost works but is not perfect right now, but I think there is a great potential, interesting to following the team’s working.

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Got it!
It’s just that my main account stays logged on the homebridge and I can’t use it on my phone or tablet’s Ewelink app. It only allows one device logged at a time.

Yeah, I got an iHost and it’s here waiting for improvement. Mainly Alexa integration would be crucial for me.
As I said below, it’s annoying to have to log out of the Ewelink account on the pi and log in on my phone and than re-log in all over again when I have to manage something on the app.