Send messages in broadcast Intent from eWeLink app

@Alexie @Teki

A dream of functionality!

Adding the “Intent” function to the eWeLink Android application.

What would that do?

  • This would allow the ewelink application to communicate directly with applications such as MacroDroid which, among other things, can listen to the incoming specific “Intent” and use it as a trigger for further automation.

What scope would “Intent” have to meet?

  • eWeLink application had to send specific intent per device and its current state. In a similar way as it is implemented in the “UDP Monitor” application, where the application sends a specific intent containing an individual message on the basis of which it is very easy to create triggers in Macrodroid.

Having intent in the ewelink application would allow for easy, configurable communication within the OS between applications. It would be perfect if ewelink was able to listen to intents coming to it, but it would be enough if it was able to send intents.