Sonoff TH temperature sensor to send whatsapp or telegram notifications

Hello Guys,

Is there any one that managed to let the ewelink account to send a message or call on whatsapp or telegram when the temperature reaches a specific temperature. What I need is the app not only to send me a push notification to my mobile but rather to call me so if the temperature drops at the middle of the night I will wake up in order to do the necessary.

Thank you.

Do you have an Android device? Do you have an ewelink advanced plan?

You can try to send yourself a webhook from ewelink to macrodroid.

Yes, I have ewelink advanced plan but I use an iPhone.
Is there any way I can let the app send me an email notification when the temperature drops? This way I can create a shortcut on iPhone that whenever I receive an email from a specified sender music for example will play.
Or if someone has a better idea I will be grateful for it.

You can set up a scene to send emails as an extra action. Just keep in mind, there’s a limit of 1,000 emails every 36.5 days.