Ideas for mobile notifications

Hi. I’m using iHost for a short time.
The ideea of local device management, it’s ok, but I realy need notifications on my mobile.
For the moment I’m using node red for all my devices and I’ve tried telegram bot, whatsapp and they don’t work as well as I need.
The best solution for the moment is Gotify, from .
It’s a push server service. they have a free app, free docker server and a node red palette. ALL FREE and it works fine on iHost. My internet provider can set a free DDNS, my router can set a free DDNS so it’s all ok with just a NAT port forwarding.
In android app can set 4 notifications tones for different situations. In node red just set msg priority 0-10 to have different notification tone on phone.

If anyone have better ideeas about phone notifications… please share :smiley:

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What notifications do you want to receive? If you can base it on a webhook, then Android + Macrodroid.

Macrodroid has its own server for trigger/webhooks and notifications go through google/android like any other.

So on the iHost/ewelink side you just need to be able to call the webhook

In macrodroid you can perform full automation according to your needs. The free version has a maximum of 5 macros.

As a trigger in the macro, you put a webhook in action, play some sound, for example some MP3, plus a lot of other options such as text on the screen and stuff like that… You can profile it like this whenever you run out of ideas. And you don’t need to expose any end to the world to forward ports.

I use PushOver. It only costs $5 for lifetime access but it’s easy and you can send pictures/video etc. to it so it is useful elsewhere. Also it has “glances” so you can have information constantly update on your Apple Watch from the iHost.
I tried the Telegram route but it was a PITA.
The other option is to send information over MQTT to my Home Assistant Instance and then their App notifies me because I have a subscription. More work that Push-over. I use it for debugging Node Red when away from the big screen so making it easy saves a lot of time.

Edited to add: I had a look at that free option: it doesn’t seem to work on iOS or the Apple Watch. Looks like it’s only an option for android phone users.


Not on the iHost, I use Telegram to send notifications from Node-Red. I am not sure what you did not like about it. But I agree with @eerke that consider picking something where you can at least send pictures.
Also a useful feature could be if you can also assign buttons to the message for quick response (dismiss, snooze, etc.). In Telegram you can define keys that show up under the message as buttons for quick response.

Thanks. That PushOver works great. 5$ it’s nothing… almost free. I like gotify because it’s all local, no third party service involved, put PushOver it’s more responsive with android deep sleep, even with no battery optimisation…etc…

There’s nothing it can do that telegram can’t but after I lost my telegram bot ID and chat ID I couldn’t be bothered to set it up again. The other thing is I follow quite a lot of channels on telegram, so it gets quite busy and I could miss a notification.
Pretty sure the price is per platform. Aswell as the iOS one I think I’m going to install the PC one, again just for ease.

yes there is… level of notification… very very important :D. even more it’s lvl +2 with msg.retry and msg.expire… it will buzz you until you see the notification or time expire… that very important… and -2 jost for logging :smiley: , and you can upload custom sounds that can be voice mp3 and send the cotification with that custom.mp3 sound notification …etc…
thanks for info… great app… even greater if could run in local server :smiley:

I almost never have the sound on. I think it is quite rude. Don’t really understand how people think it is acceptable to walk around with a device that might start making a noise suddenly, but then people with Bluetooth speakers on bicycles seems quite normal these days. Suppose it’s no different that car stereo but then people who blasted those around them or had illegal loud exhausts have always been d***s. Fine if for work you need to answer your phone, like you repair gas boilers, but 99% of people with phones not on silent are jerks.

you are right… 100%.
In my case, my application it’s not about ringing bells on street. It’s a tablet that it’s fixed, and I’m talking about events that I hope never became true, never ring…etc.
Even on mobile, think about smoke detector, fire detector, think about flood(whatter detector), intrusion detector…etc…CRITICAL alarms MUST be LOUD ;). I hope I never hear thows alarms…
And about thows peaple…haha they are talking on speacker on street…stupid conversations …haha…what about that…

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