Scenes conditioned to whether I'm at home or not

I would like the system to be able to determine if I am home or away. In this way, scenes could be made based on this.
For example. If I’m away and I detect movement, turn on a light.
Google Home can determine the states of “At home” or “Away”, based on the GPS of the mobile or if you are connected to your Wi-Fi.
Can I do something similar with ewelin?

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Quick answer is No, we didn’t integrate the location based features, the consideration is the asking the location by GPS API frequently will cause lots of battery consumption and estimate by linking to the same WiFi or not may cause missing action.

This functionallity is available on Tuya. It allows to create a circular geofence around your house and trigger SCENES based on that.

A more basic but not full proof way would be to check the connected wifi?

Assumption: the home devices is connected to one or more wifi network, if the mobile application detects its connected to one of the same set it as Home if not set Away.