Automate mod changes at home and away. Device presence detection

Create the option to add device -phone Iphone/android to Ewelink. and creating a sceena to change the mode - at home or away

I mean, for example, NSpanel PRO, ihost, or another bluetooth device that could register the presence of a phone(s) in the home. subsequently, through the scene or changing away to home, the sending of push notifications, etc., would be turned off

I don’t know if I fully understand you…

Do you want to detect the presence of a device and execute a specific scene according to its presence or absence?


Thx for the idea,

Correct me if I’m wrong, you wanna utilize devices’ bluetooth to trigger security status right?

I like the idea that devices bluetooth could trigger security status.

if you enable this idea that Bluetooth has a limited range so you need to ennoble Bluetooth proxies too. They can be used in Home Assistant but you need to buy roughly one per room. Think you can just set up ESP Home on some cheap ESP32 boards.

I use these ESP32 boards and in my house, which is small and one level, 3 are enough. Should be said that this is only valid for security presence, not presence by room, the latency and irregular range of Bluetooth limit this.
BTW, not necessary to use HA, can be done on Node-red with a software called Openmqtt.

Yes, when I thought about it I was almost 1 in 2 rooms, but people will put them in really stupid places. I would prefer Sonoff/eWelink to use ESP -Now type functionality as the range is better. I don’t know how much of that ability they use for their “eWeLink Remote” ability. I had assumed that was a proprietary version; assume it also has a longer range than Bluetooth but have never seen it specified.

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