Adding location changes to eWeLink Scene

When creating a Scene, some users might think there is one condition missing, that is, trigger actions when the location changes.

Actually, there are some pros and cons of location-based services. Our team is considering this feature for future updates and we also want to hear your voice.
For example, the pro is:
Improved Efficiency and Personalization: By tracking the location of your mobile device can efficiently and automatically execute various desired actions like opening the garage door, or turning on the air conditioner in scorching summer before arriving home.

However, the cons are obvious:

  1. Battery Drain: Location tracking can consume significant device battery power as you have to keep the App running. Constantly monitoring and transmitting location data can reduce the battery life of cell phones, requiring frequent recharging or battery replacements.
  2. Privacy Concerns: Location data is highly sensitive, and its collection and use may raise your concerns over privacy. However, it’s worth noting that what we have done will strictly comply with the regulations and rules.

What do you think of this feature? Feel free to drop your suggestions here. :hugs:

Здравствуйте. Это очень нужная функция в Ewelink.

It’s better than nothing! We can choose to use it or not.

In my opinion better would be trigger “if connected to wifi/ not connected”. It doesn’t drain battery and do the same job for most automations

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Thanks for the idea. However, it raises two problems. One is that when eWeLink needs to access the WiFi connection status, you also have to keep eWeLink App running in the background, which will drain your mobile phone battery. The other is we couldn’t identify the WiFis. For home automation, you might want to connect to your home wifi, instead of office wifi or something else, and then trigger actions, so it requires the identification of Wi-Fi.

I was thinking about situation when you are connected to home wifi alarm disarms or heating on. I was using something like that with IFTT a few years ago and it worked quite well.

Add it. We will decide depending on the battery consumption. But it will be a nice feature.