Scene for flashing light

Is it possible to make a looping scene /scenes such that a light/switch will turn on and off continuously when activated?

Three steps if I understand you correctly…

Set the device to inching mode and specify the time after which it should turn off.

Create an automatic scene.

Create a manual scene.

In the above example, the so-called blinking works: ON, wait 10 seconds, OFF, wait 10 seconds, and ON… and the loop continues until the end of the world. Adjust the times to your needs or remove them as you wish…

It works, I tested it.

But a device that will jump ON/OFF like this will wear out quite quickly, the relay will quickly reach its service life limit.

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thanks, it should work
wearing not an issue: it will be used only for a siren and a light when alarm conditions are met

In this case, you will need to add a siren as a second trigger in Loop 1 and when the siren is ON, the scene will execute and when the siren changes to Off, the loop will be interrupted.

Of course, the Light and Siren cannot be just one smart device, they must be two separate devices in the scene.

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