Scene "Activation" Icon

Looking for some indicator that a scene was last run. I know I can browse the logs to see a manual seen was run, but it would be nice to have some kind of icon that shows the scene was last selected.

I realize there are many different use cases here, and for many, they might use a scene to power on lights in a room in a rather one way direction (run scene, lights turn on, strictly A to B). I use a few manual scenes to control a series of automated scenes for my pool/spa. Each manual scene represents a different application…

Pool Mode Scene - Activates relay to power pump, switches relays for plumbing valves, and enables automated scene to monitor temperature and activate heater to maintain setpoints.

Spa Mode Scene - Similar to the above, but switches valves to spa water only, changes temperate setpoints etc.

In effect, these are competing scenes. When one is run, it has been programmed to deactivate the conflicting values from the other and vice versa. But after it’s been run, there is no fast and easy way to determine which “mode” the pool is in. I have to browse the logs to see which scene was run last. I’m able to interpret which mode it’s in based on which way valve relays are powered, but that’s not user friendly. So I’m wondering if there are other people with similar situations where they’d like to see which manual scene was last run?? I understand not all manual scenes are interlocked, so it’s not like ewelink is setup to say one scene is on while the others are off, but at least an icon change for the last run scene??

My last ditch effort is to by another 4ch relay, and set it up as interlocked, then program each relay to trigger the manual scenes from above. I’d make that relay the main display in the app, and rename each relay the respective pool mode … but eh, I feel like I’ve hacked together too many extra devices in the name of convenience.


Thx for sharing your thoughts here!

Is that a log book you are looking for? Containing recent device status changes and scene triggers?

Which platform would you want to see such information? eWeLink app? Web or CAST?

Not exactly, although I’ve used the log to confirm if a manual scene was run at some point during the day, I’m mostly looking for a quick and user friendly way to see which scene was last run via the UI of the eWeLink iOS app. I have these manual scenes added to the top of the app in “current home” so that’s where I was hoping there could be a visual indicator if a scene was run.

Maybe my pool situation is too complex to describe it. Instead let’s think of any random household scene, but maybe we want the relays to operate differently for kids vs adults, so we have 2 scenes. With multiple people in the household, someone might have manually run scene 1 “kids mode” but it would be nice to remotely see which mode it is operating in by seeing which scene was last run, again, hopefully by some visual cue like an icon glowing.

Referring to the topic, the ewelink application has a scene log. but there is no information about the delayed start of the scene. only information appears when the scene is finished. there is no information that the scene is being performed.

I would like to receive such information in the ewelink application.
when it comes to the ihost device, a log of the scenes performed would also be useful.
ihost has a scene log. but you have to open each scene separately. what is needed is a general divider that reports the scenes being performed on an ongoing basis.

As for the display in the application, I have no influence on it, but in general it would be possible to create several variants of notifications.

Maybe not necessarily direct information about the scene execution time, but information about which scene was/is active.

With hardware use. Buy two Sonoff Micro (wifi/zigbee), buy two USB LEDs, install them in a place where they can be easily seen. Add two actions to the scenes, one turns on led1 and the other turns off led2 and vice versa. This way your two manual scenes give you a visual hint of which scene was initiated and is, by default, still in use.
Instead of USB leds and micro, you can use any other devices and light sources according to the same principle. The negative thing about this solution is the fact that it is a physical solution. However, you can still use the application to see whether the Sonoff Micro responsible for LED1 or LED2 is turned on/off and this way you will be able to see the execution status of the last scene in the application.

Theoretically, you don’t even have to buy LEDs, just micro and their visible status in the application will inform you about the last scene.