Disabled scene keeps running

I have 2 -auto- scenes configured in ewelink app:

1- If Person present in study, turn on outlet (let’s call this scene A)
2- If person is NOT present in study, turn off outlet (let’s call this scene B)

Scene A & B are triggered by a presence sensor ( SNZB-06P) and they activate S26 r2

They work on their own well, so far so good…

However I have another 2 scenarios tied to R5, which enable/disable these 2 scenarios above:

So when I click a button on R5, scene A & B are disabled and clicking another button enables them back. These buttons also seem to work fine because after they are clicked, I can see that scene A & B are disabled/enabled in ewelink.

However the issue is that, even if scene A & B are disabled, they keep running after some time (like 10-15 minutes)! The funny thing is scene A & B are not enabled back, they still seem “disabled” in ewelink:

But they still run even though they look disabled. I can even see them in scene logs:

Any ideas why?

and the scene triggered by the SNZB-06P sensor is executed locally or in the cloud?
Which gateway did you add the SNZB-06P sensor to?

Maybe try to create a third scene that will activate and deactivate the other two scenes. or some precondition needed to execute the other scenes

Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Could you please let us know if the problem you described is still occurring?

Unfortunately it is still occuring. Disabled scenarios keep running for me as described above.

Hi there,

Could you please give me the specific time when the issue most recently occurred? Then our engineer can locate the issue more quickly.

Additionally, could you help me confirm a few details:

  1. Did you disable the function using the eWeLink app?
  2. Please provide the name of a scene you have disabled but is still running.
  3. Please provide a screenshot of the scene logs for the scene

Thank you for your assistance.

The issue is happenning all the time. For instance I tested just before I wrote my message above and scenario ran even if its disabled.

1- No, scenario is disabled via button clicking on R5
2- “monitor on when person present” and “monitor off when person not present” are the names of the scenarios which are disabled through R5 and still running
3- Please see my first message for the screenshot.

Hi there,

Thank you for providing the information. We have identified the issue. Currently, you may need to disable the scene in the eWeLink app by enabling (as the scene shows as disabled in the app) and then disabling it again. We will arrange for this issue to be fixed as soon as possible.