Add logs for trigerring manual scenes and enabling/disabling automatic scenes

for testing purposes and also as an evidence of my actions and actions in the system in case of troubles it would be really beneficial to add logs for:

  • triggering manual scenes (when I pushed the button and the manual scene was performed)
  • disabling and enabling automatic scenes (when an automatic scene was enabled and when it was disabled)

My trouble is that I use a manual scene for enabling and disabling other automatic scenes. When I trigger the manual scene then it happens that automatic scenes don’t work (they are shown as enabled though). The only solution for this is to disable and enable the automatic scenes manually one by one which is not really convenient in case of tens of scenes.

I believe it would be beneficial to log every user operation on scenes. This will greatly aid people in recalling their past events. I will bring this suggestion to the attention of the eWeLink app team for further consideration and will keep you updated on any progress made.

Thank you,
it would be nice to see also scenes names and if they were clickable (same as it is implemented in scene logs) then it would be really perfect. This requirement applies to the logs of devices (e.g. smart switches) as well.