Which smartscene is triggering this device on/off

Hi team

I have a scene that is causing my device to switch on at random times.
I am not able to locate which scene it is. I worked through all scenes but I am not finding the culprit.

The log just say
17:58:48 Smart scene triggered

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

Many thanks

Note: I have removed the device now from the app now and re-added it. Will check if this helps.

Hello there, if the issue persists, please submit a ticket in eWeLink App and our support team will help locate it.

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If I may make a product enhancement suggestion, maybe the log can include the scene name that triggered it (if possible). That way it will be simpler to troubleshoot.

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This is a great idea! Adding the scene names to device logs is much more user-friendly. Noted it down! Thank you for the idea:)


I agree and I asked for the same some time ago.


At the end of each scene you suspect add a push notification to the actions. It makes for an annoying few days of notifications but you’ll know which scene operates when. And then you can just delete the notifications.


Sounds great! This is a great alternative at this point!