S26TPI to reset modem

Hi, is a way to get a smart socket to reset my modem/router.
I’ve tried adjusting the ‘power on state’ to ON but it seems it needs an internet connection to actually happen, I’ve tried setting an inching setting and I’ve tried making scenes. But it seems as soon as the modems dead nothing can happen. Is there a way around this?

Are you saying that the Power-on state is not working?

Power on state works.
But I want to turn the smart socket off to power cycle my router every now and then. Problem is when the router turns off the smart socket looses wifi and then the smart socket won’t turn on again.
I’ve tried setting inching, thinking it might do the opposite when the power on setting is ‘ON’ eg. Turn socket off- then it turns back on in 4s.
I’ve also tried setting a scene
Manual tap
Socket off
4s delay
Socket on
once there’s no wifi. It never comes back on.
Is there any solution to my problem?
If not Maybe a reverse inching could work if it was an option in the future? Eg. Turn off for 4s and come back on.

Have you tried setting a loop timer? Will it help?

Thanks, looks like this will work. I’ve set alternate and for it to go off for 1min and on for 23h 59m starting at 3am.

Just another quick question. Will ZBminis ever have all the features the MINIR2s have? Inching, switch configuration, groups, power on state, push notifications ect.?

We will work with the firmware team to evaluate whether the device’s chip capabilities support the above features. @Daniel_Zhan

The ZBMINI does not support the inching and power-on-state functions as the Zigbee standard device does not define such functions.