Hi guys, is there a way to prevent the switch status from changing AFTER inching? I need that when I activate the switch it goes to “on” (or “off”) and stays to “on” (or “off”) also after the inching. When I re-activate the switch it goes to “off” (or “on”) and remains there even after inching.

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That’s not possible. Inching, when active, always runs for the set time, regardless of anything else. Think about creating a ‘tap to run’ scene.

Thanks Jam, I’ll try to explain the situation better.

I connected the Mini R4 to a Finder 26.01 relay because I needed a dry contact. The Finder’s dry contact closes or opens every time I briefly apply power to the coil (ie every time I turn the switch on and immediatly off). To do the on/off sequence I use the inching at 0.05 sec. However, I would need the Mini R4 state to change only when I press the switch and not even after 0.05 sec.

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I’m afraid you won’t achieve this with MINIR4. But try running it in self lock mode. The relay will keep open or close instantly until you control it to change, so you can make your traditional power circuit to be smart controlled.
If that doesn’t work, see Eachen’s offering. They have several devices that seem to fit your needs.