"Reverse" inching mode to turn switch ON after a delayed time, once switched off

It is clear how inching works - set a duration and the switch stays on for that duration, flipping to off when the duration passes.

I want to put a (remote) Internet router on a Sonoff switch with “Reverse Inching”, so that when I turn off the switch, it turns back ON after a set time (instead of OFF after a set time). The reason is that once the router is switched off, I have no remote access to the Sonoff switch to turn it back on (well, the Internet connection is cut off because I turned off the router).

This seems to be a simple programming task, once inching is in place (tick box for “reverse” functionality) but I understand there may be a limited demand for the functionality, other than resetting an electrical device.

There are devices with NO and NC contact, like these 5V modules or Sonoff 4ch. Connect your power supply to NC, then you can achieve the effect you want with the “normal” inching.


Thomas, Many thanks for your very prompt reply. I will look out for these. I have a 4ch deployed in a client’s site so I will freshen up on the documentation. Is there a 220VAC single switch that can do this? (I am just asking, to keep the project simple.)

Nearly. There is this 5V module. Powered by USB, so you can take an old phone charger or something, it’s mini USB, and you have your 220V supply. I know the whole thing as a 1ch and 4ch version.