S-mate and mini r3 are not supported in ewelink web


I am trying to setup a scene using s-mate and mini-r3. The condition is that during 6am to 6pm. The manual switch with s-mate is disabled. But 6:01pm to 5:59am. The manual switch via s-mate is available again. The ewelink mobile app has no options for the schedule. It has in ewelink web but the device is not yet supported. What is the workaround of this scene? Thank you.

Forward to web team locate the issue, get back to you later.

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Also, from the ewelink web S-Mate device is not supported.


Request received, devices needed to be integrated to the Web one by one, so may take a bit more time to achieve that after the APP, and there are almost 10 devices planned to implement into Web by the end of October, stay tuned with us.

First, control from the web UI supported and scenes settings after that.

As for mini R3 scenes setting, planned available in November, we are in middle of upgrading the whole scenes module, longer time needed.

Hi Yitie,

Please let me know when the device added in the apps.


Hey, planned to make it available in the Web by the end of October, around 10 new devices will be supported by then.

That’s great thanks

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