RGB Controller Wrong Device type

I’ve purchased a Zigbee 3 RGB led strip controller and successfully paired with iHost.
However the device wasn’t detected as a RGB controller but as a single color led strip, allowing simply 0-100% and on/off commands.
These are the information shown on iHost:
Manufacturer: _TZ3210_g0qr1fqo
Model: TS0503B

However the device code is actually C03Z (this one https://www.amazon.com/BTF-LIGHTING-C03Z-Controller-Compatible-Dual-Mode/dp/B0B2JBR8JT?th=1)

What could be done to properly identify it?

Thank you.

First of all there is no RGB controller because the current color capability of this device is not supported yet.

Then the Model and Manufacturer information shown on iHost doesn’t match because we’re using the information reported to us by the device, which can indeed be possibly different from the model number indicated when the product is sold.

Got it.
Is there any plan to support such device?

Thank you

A good practice is to search for a device you want on Z2M first, where you can check their detailed ability sets, including which colour mode they use. For instance, some IKEA lights use X and Y to device colour, which could be a problem for lots of Zigbee hubs.

Thank you for the advice.
Could you please provide some more details on this check list?
I’m not sure I understood correctly where I should be looking into this compatibility.
Thank you!

Search a product on Z2M device list: https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/

You will see what ability it supports in the Expose field.

If the color light supports color_hs, it should work well with iHost; If it only has color_xy, its color control would be missing in iHost at the moment.

But we will fill the gap soon.